Membership is required to enroll in any classes offered by the JAS of NJ. Membership fee is non-refundable.

Fill out the application form and mail in or bring it to the front desk at JAS of NJ with the registration fee of $45 or the annual membership fee of $85 ($135 for family membership). You will receive your membership card. The application form is available here.

<Front Desk>

  • We accept cash or checks (personal check, Bank check) as well as most major credit cards (AMEX/Visa/Master Card). (Check should be made payable to The Japanese-American Society of New Jersey.)

< Mail>

  • We accept only personal check, not cash.
  • The registration date is the date of delivery of the mail.
  • The membership card is issued as soon as the registration is done.
Membership Fee
Types of Membership Valid Fee
Regular Member (Individual) 1 year $85
Regular Member (Family) 1 year $135
Registered Member 1 year $45
Regular Member Privileges
    • You can sign up for and enroll in all language and culture classes.
    • You can receive discounts on select seminars, workshops,  and events.
    • You can borrow books and DVDs from our library.

Library hours
-Monday through Thursday from 9:30am – 6:00pm
- Saturday from 9:30am – 3:30pm

Registered Member Privileges
  • You can sign up for and enroll in all language and culture classes.
  • Always bring your membership card with you when you visit the JAS of NJ. We occasionally ask you to present it at the front desk.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, please tell the front desk as soon as possible. We can reissue one for you at $5.
Apply for the classes
  • For those wishing to participate in group classes, seminars, workshop etc, please download and fill out the Group Course Application Form and mail it along with a check for the tuition.
  • For persons wishing to take private or semi-private lessons please
    download and fill out the One-on-one Lesson Application Form and mail with a check for tuition.
  • For those that are new to JAS of NJ, a registration application is required. Please fill out and mail the Membership Application Form with check for Registration / Membership fee.

Please make out checks payable to The Japanese-American Society of New Jersey.
Mailing Address is as follows:
The Japanese-American Society of NJ
304 Main St., 2nd Floor, Fort Lee, NJ 07024